To communicate with the Scientific Cutting Tools GraphQL server, you will need a Bearer token.

Bearer Token

These tokens are issued by Scientific Cutting Tools upon request and at our discretion. To request a token and access to our API, please send an email to

Allow List & CORS

In addition to a Bearer token, we also require the IP address of the server that will be utilizing the API. Only IP addresses that are on our allow list will be able to communicate with the API.

If the API will be utilitized in a JavaScript application, we will need the Domain of the server that it will be running on. This is to allow CORS authentication.

The GraphQL Endpoint

The Scientific Cutting Tools GraphQL API has a single endpoint:

Authenticating Your Requests

Each API request must pass your Bearer token in the header. To do that, you will need to send a header called "Authorization" with a value of Bearer <YOUR TOKEN>.


Authorization: Bearer <YOUR TOKEN>